Level 1 B-BBEE Specialised Exempted Micro Enterprise


Socio-Economic Development Certificate

B-BBEE (Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment)
How we can help you achieve your B-BBEE scorecard points?
In line with the revised B-BBEE criteria, effective from May 2015 and relevant to most South African businesses, Ethembeni’s Ministry offers points on your B-BEEE scorecard for both Enterprise development (ED) and Socio-Economic Development (SED). Please seek advice from a qualified B-BBEE consultant, to ensure that maximum points are achieved by your company within its industry sector. We work with Rocksolid Consulting (PTY) LTD (www.rock-solid.co.za) and our beneficiary base (SED and ED) is audited once a year. Attached find our SED and ED certificates.
For more info or to discuss your company’s specific requirements, contact Grant Edkins at director@ethembeni.co.za or +27 83 647 3977
Typical donations (SED or ED) procedure:
Please reference each transaction accordingly (name of the company + the purpose of donation (SED or ED). An official thank you letter / receipt will be issued within a month of the donation received, together with a B-BBEE (beneficiary confirmation) letter. Tax certificates are usually issued after the end of tax year in which the donation was made.