Volunteer with us

Ethembeni LOVES volunteers – are you willing to give the most precious gift? TIME

By choosing to join us for a period of time, your story and our story becomes a shared story of hope. So welcome to the “tribe of hope” called Ethembeni. One word of warning: YOU will be changed forever. The Holy Spirit does something in all of us when we truly serve together in unity in His name.
A practical example of this is that when you leave Ethembeni you are given a Zulu name which reflects the love you have freely poured out into all of us. One volunteer who came in 2009 is now known all over the world as Khanyisile – the bringer of light. And my Zulu name is Bhekumuzi – Keeper of the House.
So what will your anointed Zulu name be when you leave us to continue to write your story on earth as it is in heaven?
Send an email now to volunteers@ethembeni.co.za with your story and we’ll get back to you.