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whole families.

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YOU have just joined the Ethembeni tribe of hope. By landing on our website we celebrate that you and us have a good story of hope to share.

Ethembeni Cardboard Testimonies

Why do we exist?

Ethembeni in Zulu means place of hope. We have realised that when Jesus followers come together to serve Him, hope is created. Hope is a future worth having. Therefore, our vision is to see, through Jesus, hope-filled families free from the brokenness of HIV and TB.

We exhort you to keep engaging with the Ethembeni tribe of hope! What is your next action? Click on our cardboard testimonies video (above) to be encouraged. Explore our website to find calls to action that will build hope in all of us. Please send us your story of hope or any enquiry.

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About Ethembeni

We Celebrate that 1 million KZN residents are on life-sustaining ARVs

Approximately 3.3 million people with TB are currently missed by health systems and there is an urgent need to find them

Do YOU know your HIV Status?

Ethembeni is 100% legal.


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